Whiplash Specialist

Whiplash is a type of neck injury caused by rapid back and forth movement of the neck that can be caused by a variety of movements. Car accidents, specifically being rear-ended, is one of the most common ways people get whiplash, but the injury can also result from physical abuse, sports accidents, or other traumas.


It can take weeks or even months before you realize that you have a whiplash injury depending upon your level of pain and if it leads to other health problems. If your neck has been injured see the top San Francisco Chiropractor, Dr. Scott Swanson to treat whiplash.

Why You Need a Whiplash Chiropractor


Chiropractors are healthcare professionals who address issues affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Spinal misalignments can impede your body’s ability to function normally; when that happens, you may feel “off” or experience debilitating pain. While some doctors immediately jump to prescription medication or more invasive interventions such as surgery, chiropractic treatment for whiplash injuries focuses on adjusting the body to support normal function and restoring balance and alignment.


Dr. Scott Swanson brings his considerable expertise and compassion to patients in the Mission District of San Francisco. Dr. Swanson offers whiplash treatment to those suffering from neck strain or sprains, facilitating pain relief for patients who prefer a noninvasive, drug-free approach to healing.

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Whiplash Q & A

Whiplash is a neck injury that often occurs as the result of a rear-impact automobile accident. The sudden impact causes the head to jerk forward or backward. This causes the cervical spine (neck) to sustain what’s known as an S-shaped curve. This means that the natural C-shape curve at the back of the neck is jarred from its natural position. Whiplash injury can cause damage to both bones and soft tissue. It doesn’t take a lot of impact for individuals to sustain whiplash. It can occur when a car is traveling at just five miles per hour.

When you visit our office, Dr. Swanson will conduct a thorough examination sometimes including x-rays of your head, neck, spine, and joints. He’ll then use the information from those scans to determine whether bones are misaligned and recommend a plan of action. When it comes to whiplash treatment, time is of the utmost importance; the sooner you begin chiropractic care, the sooner you’ll find relief from your accident-related pain.

A variety of chiropractic modalities may be used to alleviate whiplash pain and restore function and range of motion of the affected area. These include:

– Adjustments that are targeted in the upper cervical spine to fix misalignments.
– Acupressure focuses only on the key healing points to promote the body’s natural curing abilities.
– Kinesio-Taping allows the body’s muscles and joints to heal without denying it natural movement.
– Trigger Point Therapy assesses where the source of the pain is, which may not be exactly where a patient feels it.
– Graston Technique uses instruments to treat damaged soft tissues through the application of gentle strokes around the injured area.