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Back pain, whether acute or chronic, can become debilitating. Dr. Scott Swanson, a top-rated chiropractor located in the Mission District of San Francisco, offers a wide array of non-surgical, non-drug solutions for alleviating lower back pain to residents throughout Mission District, SoMa, Hayes Valley, and the greater San Francisco area.

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Lower Back Pain Q & A

How common is back pain?

Back pain is extremely common, affecting between 60% and 80% of the adult population, according to the National Institute of Health. Back pain most often affects the lower, or lumbar, back and varies widely from irritating to excruciating. Back pain is among the most common reasons for missed days of work and for visits to the doctor’s office.

The majority of back pain is caused by musculoskeletal issues, which include disc tears, muscle and ligament strains, and skeletal irregularities. Pain can begin abruptly as the result of an accident or lifting something heavy or develop gradually as the result of age-related changes or repetitive stress. Less often, back pain is the result of a disease or condition such as arthritis, cancer, kidney stones, or fibromyalgia.

Dr. Swanson utilizes a wide array proven chiropractic treatments and pain management approaches for alleviating lower back pain. Specific approaches depend on the individual patient and the diagnosed source of his or her pain. Often, a variety of methods is used in combination. These methods may include:

– Cold laser therapy
– Manual manipulation and adjustments
– Kinesio-Taping
– Traction Therapy
– Trigger Point Therapy
– The Graston Technique
– Application of Ice

Absolutely. In addition to office visits, there are measures patients can take at home to help speed recovery from lower back pain. These include:

– Limit bed rest. Lying in bed more than three days can actually prolong pain.
– Focus on posture. Proper posture is essential in relieving back pain. Slouching puts strain on the spinal column and pressure on nerves that can cause lower back pain.
– Continue exercising. Avoid strenuous activities but stay active, even if it’s an easy walk in the park.
– Core strengthening exercises. A strong core supports muscles and alleviates pressure on the spinal column.
– Improve flexibility.
– Apply ice. Ice during the first 48 hours following injury.