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Knee pain may be the result of an injury, illness, condition, or wear and tear. Regardless of the cause, Dr. Scott Swanson offers effective chiropractic relief to patients in the Mission District, SoMa and Hayes Valley areas of San Francisco. He has alleviated knee pain for numerous patients throughout the greater San Francisco area.

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Knee Pain Q & A

The knee is the largest joint in the body. It is comprised of four main components: bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, any which of can become damaged and result in pain. Some of the most common causes of knee damage are:

– Fractures around the knee. The most common bone broken around the knee is the patella. The ends of the femur and tibia where they meet to form the knee joint can also be fractured.
– Dislocation. A dislocation occurs when the bones of the knee partially or completely slip out of place. Dislocations can be caused by an abnormality in the structure of the knee or by trauma, such as falls, motor vehicle crashes, and sports-related accidents.
– Knee bursitis. Some knee injuries cause inflammation in the bursae, the small sacs of fluid that cushion the outside of the knee joint.
– Patellar tendinitis. This is an irritation and/or inflammation of one or more tendons that attach the quadriceps muscles on the front of the thigh to the shinbone. Runners, skiers, cyclists, and those involved in jumping sports are prone to developing inflammation in the patellar tendon.
– Meniscus tears
– Ligament and tendon tears
– Sprains
– Arthritis
– Osgood-Schlatter disease, an inflammation of the area just below the knee where the tendon from the kneecap (patellar tendon) attaches to the shinbone (tibia).

Specific treatment depends on the cause and severity of knee pain. Among the approaches frequently used by Dr. Swanson is cold laser therapy. With this FDA approved technology, Dr. Swanson can precisely locate damaged areas within the knee and target these with laser energy. This energy penetrates into the tissues to reduce inflammation and increased blood flow for accelerated healing. Cool laser therapy is even safe and effective for patients who have artificial knees. Other treatments used by Dr. Swanson to relieve knee pain include manual manipulations and adjustment techniques to areas of restricted movement, deep soft tissue massage, trigger-point therapy, exercises to strengthen the knee and increase flexibility, Kinesio-Taping and the application of ice. If you’re looking for a chiropractor for knee pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Swanson today.

The knee is a complex, weight-bearing joint, making it susceptible to injury. You should see a chiropractor if your knee:

– Is unable to bear weight
– Is significantly swollen
– Is unable to fully extend or flex
– Has an obvious deformity
– Feels unstable