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Are you having any of the following pain issues?

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Wrist Pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Foot Pain

I ask about these particular problems for a reason. The practice of Chiropractic now includes some remarkably innovative approaches for dealing with them.

In my San Francisco Chiropractic practice, I take particular pleasure helping relieve people of their chronic pain. (Read My Story for more on how I got into chiropractic in the first place). Unlike many other chiropractors, I also make a point to spend time with you every time you come in and closely track your progress. It's my goal to be your partner in your pain relief.

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Swanson Chiropractic, one of San Francisco's Best Chiropractors - SF Pain Care Swanson Chiropractic, one of San Francisco's Best Chiropractors - SF Pain Care Swanson Chiropractic, one of San Francisco's Best Chiropractors - SF Pain Care

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We Use Only Comfortable, Proven Pain Alleviation Techniques

I offer the wide range of proven chiropractic pain management approaches. You and I would need to sit down together to decide which method is appropriate for your particular need. These approaches include:

  • Acupressure
  • Kinesio-Taping
  • Traction Therapy
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Activator Therapy
  • Application Of Heat Or Ice
  • The Graston Technique

The last of these, "The Graston Technique," has an incredible track record. Fully 87% of patients nationwide (including many professional athletes) who have been treated with the technique have had their condition resolved. That’s a lot of pain ended, sometimes forever.

Like all Chiropractic treatments, The Graston Technique is non-invasive. It involves the use of special instrumentation against the skin to directly address pain in soft tissue lying beneath. That includes pain you may have in muscle, ligaments, tendons and other areas.

If you are currently hurting in the areas mentioned above, call my office now at 415-578-5375 and let’s sit down and discuss which chiropractic treatment is right for you.

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“Dr Swanson was the only one who helped me eliminate my headaches…” --Annie T.

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Why It’s Wise To Think “Outside The Bottle” For Pain Relief

If you’re in pain, I hardly need to tell you how it affects your life. Your pain goes wherever you go. And sometimes you’re not able to go very far because of your pain. You often take it to work. You take it to bed. You take it everywhere.

For a great many people the “quick fix” comes in a child-proof container. This is not to say that pain medications are not necessary and a godsend for certain types of pain.

But for a good many people with age-, stress- and injury-related pain, lasting relief will never come in a bottle. At best, it will only serve to mask the pain.

You see, a Chiropractor’s goal is not to give patients drugs so they don’t feel their pain. Our goal is to discover the source of the pain and correct it.

Suffering from Arthritis?

I can help you without the need for medication!

The kind of chiropractic treatments I offer brings welcome relief from symptoms of arthritis. If you are a victim, you know the cycle: The joint pain immobilizes you and when you become less mobile, your arthritis worsens and then there is more pain. Chiropractic improves mobility and reduces pain. My treatment increases the range of motion in the arthritic joint without pain. Thus your mobility returns and arthritis is slowed or arrested. Let’s sit down and talk about your particular situation and how I can help you right away.

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Scott Swanson Chiropractic

I was skeptical about Chiropractic when I applied for a job here...

When I walked in to apply for the job of Dr. Swanson’s assistant, and I was not very schooled in Chiropractic. In fact, I was pretty much a skeptic of any other treatments besides going to see the family doctor. (Actually, I was pretty surprised I got hired!)

Today, after being a witness to so many changed lives thanks to the effects of Chiropractic treatments, I’m such a strong believer. And even more so because of the doctor’s style of care. It is not uncommon for him to spend 45 minutes to an hour on a first evaluation of a patient.

That’s unheard of in most physician practices – but Dr. Swanson really wants to get to know his patients before recommending any treatments or procedures. Believe me, this is the kind of doctor every pain patient should have.


Call Today for Your Free Consultation • 415-578-5375

Sit down with me… let’s discuss your pain and how I can help

I like to take my time in getting to know a patient. That’s just me. I’m interested in learning about you, how you live your life and how you want to live your life. I want to know all about your pain and I want to introduce you to the right Chiropractic approach to deal with it. I do not charge for my initial consultation with you. It’s only fair that you should know exactly what we have to offer you…and what’s workable in your situation. If I feel the management of your pain is better suited for treatment by an M.D., I will refer you to one who I feel is best for your needs.

Choosing the Best Chiropractor for You in San Francisco

Chiropractic medicine has an established tradition dating back many centuries. The word Chiropractic comes from Greek chiro- χειρο- "hand-" + praktikós πρακτικός "concerned with action". (OED) As a local San Francisco chiropractor, I strive to provide the best possible care for my patients. Choosing the best chiropractor for you, however, is the result of a mutual interview process. I recommend to all my San Francisco patients that they take the first step of coming by my office conveniently located at 155 Valencia St. Suite B, San Francisco, CA 94103 for a free, no obligation initial consult. We will discuss your pain management needs, discuss the best chiropractic care for you, and create an individual pain management plan. Whomever you choose, I hope you choose a chiropractor who loves his work and his patients, a professional chiropractor who has a top-rated skillset, and one with convenient hours and a convenient San Francisco location.

Dr. Scott Swanson Chiropractic - a Convenient, San Francisco Neighborhood Chiropractor

Our chiropractic offices are conveniently located on Valencia in San Francisco, in the Mission district of the city. We have patients come from all over San Francisco, especially the following neighborhoods - the Mission, Hayes Valley, SoMo (South of Market). People often search by zip codes to find the best local chiropractor for them and so we have many chiropractic patients from the 94103 zip code, as well as other SF zip codes such as 94102, 94105, 94110. Even if you are looking for a downtown or Financial District chiropractor in San Francisco, we are just a convenient Bart or Muni ride away from downtown, and may be on your way to or from work. We strive for a safe, fun, convenient chiropractic office, so we can truly be not just the most convenient but the best and top-rated chiropractor in San Francisco.

Reviews and Patient Feedback about Dr. Scott Swanson, Chiropractor

San Francisco is on the forefront of the social media revolution, and we are avid participants in this new wave of patient empowerment. We have many patients who find us looking for the best chiropractor in San Francisco, or looking for reviews of chiropractors in San Francisco. We point them to our reviews on Google Places, Yelp, or Citysearch; we advise them to check with their friends and acquaintances; but most of all we encourage them to come into the office to meet personally with Dr. Swanson to discuss a personalized chiropractic care plan. There is no single “best” chiropractor in San Francisco. Rather there is one best chiropractor for you in San Francisco, and even better one best chiropractor near to your home or work, whether you are choosing a chiropractor near the Mission, Hayes Valley, SoMa (South of Market) or even downtown SF. Time and convenience are one element favored in our local reviews. Our friendly attitude is another, and finally our top of class chiropractic knowledge is the third. Check out our local San Francisco reviews for chiropractic, and if you are already a patient, we ask the you take a moment to contribute to the social media buzz by writing your own review. Patient feedback whether in person or online is one of our tools towards staying one of the best chiropractors in the city and county of San Francisco, CA. Reviews of Scott Swanson Chiropractic -

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